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Adaptive Thermoelectrics

Thermoelectric Temperature Control

Thermoelectric cooler modules are ideal for applications that require active temperature control below ambient temperatures. A design engineer should consider thermoelectric cooling when a system design requires localised electronic cooling/heating with precise temperature control, high reliability, suitability for hazardous, extreme or remote environments, compact shapes and geometries and scalability.

Adaptive Thermal Management products include TEC modules, fan assemblies and temperature control PCBs. A selection of the full product range is available to purchase from this website for evaluation purposes. For further information or to purchase larger quantities refer to www.europeanthermodynamics.com.

Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting

In our increasingly connected world, there is a demand for flexible data transmission with low energy consumption. Energy harvesting battery-less energy technology is an effective solution that can be applied to a wide range of environments and functions. Thermal energy harvesting applies to many market sectors, including industrial and building automation, smart home and medical. There is no need to change or dispose of batteries, thermal energy harvesting is both environmentally friendly and low maintenance.

Adaptive® Power Management products are thermoelectric energy harvesting devices that use available heat energy to power components such as sensors, controllers and fans. The products can be used as stand-alone devices, especially in harsh or hazardous environments where frequently changing batteries can be replaced by a thermoelectric device for maintenance-free power. Or, they are suitable for testing and product development to test the possibilities of thermal energy generation.

The product range has been developed from several years of research and development by European Thermodynamics, part funded by Innovate UK and the European Commission. Successful research projects were put through a product development process and developed with the valuable input of our current customers.

Adaptive® products are designed and manufactured in the UK, and are subject to stringent quality checks throughout the manufacturing process. European Thermodynamics is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.

Adaptive® is a registered trademark of European Thermodynamics Ltd.

Technical Support

For technical support, please use the Adaptive® forum to find answers and ask questions. The forum is moderated by technical support staff.