Energy Harvesting Kit ADEH-K-A

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The Adaptive® energy harvesting kit is a complete solution for energy harvesting, storage and management.

The kit allows you to test energy harvesting designs and solutions and it is suitable for designers, developers or hobbyists.  It can also be used to provide an additional power source for RaspberryPi, Arduino, BBC Microbit and BeagleBone projects**.

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**The kit is suitable for loads drawing 80mA current or less

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The Adaptive® energy harvesting kit is optimised for either a very low input voltage thermoelectric generator (TEG) or a photovoltaic source. Maximum power point tracking (MPPT) technology and a high efficiency boost converter have also been added to energy harvesting board in the kit for optimum operation.

Kit Contents

Each thermoelectric energy harvesting kit contains:

1 x Energy Harvesting Board ADEH-P-A
1 x Solar Panel ADEH-PD-A
1 x Thermoelectric Power Generation Module B ADPD-B
2 x Shunts
6 x Connectors


The energy harvesting kit has been sectioned to allow for three independent functions:

  1. Ultra low power TEG power harvester with storage capacitor and MPPT control
  2. Low power photovoltaic with MPPT control
  3. Low loss OR-ing power rail controller


There are many uses for the kit, for example:

  • Wireless sensor applications
  • Low power energy harvesting projects
  • Low power sensing applications
  • Autonomous monitoring e.g. data logging

Features – Energy Harvesting Kit

  • Thermoelectric and photovoltaic energy harvester
  • Power rail controller
  • Sectioned for three independent functions
  • MPPT technology
  • High efficiency boost converter

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Additional information

Weight 0.95 kg
Dimensions 160 × 92 × 35 mm

1x Energy Harvesting Board A – ADEH-B-A
1x Solar Panel – ADEH-PD-A
1x Thermoelectric Power Generation Module B – ADPD-B-DS1
2x Shunts
6x Connectors

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