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Adaptive Thermoelectrics

Aimed at makers and educators, is European Thermodynamics’ e-commerce site for thermoelectric coolers and generators.

Adaptive Thermal Management and Power Management are leading brands in thermoelectric products.

Adaptive Power Management thermoelectric generators (TEG) produce electricity and increase fuel efficiency from a temperature difference with no moving parts. TEGs can be used in a wide range of applications, from temperature measurement in hazardous environments to energy recycling in automotive markets.

Adaptive Thermal Management thermoelectric coolers (TEC) provide precise temperature control from a DC power supply. Thermoelectric cooler products are ideal for applications that require active temperature control below ambient temperatures. A design engineer should consider thermoelectric cooling when a system design requires active localised electronic cooling/heating with high reliability, low maintenance and a compact geometric footprint.

The product ranges have been developed over a number of years by extensive research and development projects in the UK and Europe. Adaptive is a registered trademark of European Thermodynamics Ltd.

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